Beach House – Tickets – Observatory North Park – San Diego, CA – August 5th, 2018

Beach House

Casbah presents

Beach House

Sound Of Ceres

Sun, August 5, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Observatory North Park

San Diego, CA


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Beach House
Beach House
Beach House


release date: May 11, 2018


is our 7th full-length record. At its release, we will have been a band

for over 13 years. We have now

written and released a total of 77 songs together.

Last year, we released an album of b-sides and rarities. It felt like a good

step for us. It helped us clean

the creative closet, put the past to bed, and start anew.

Throughout the process of recording


, our goal was rebirth and rejuvenation. We wanted to rethink old

methods and shed some self-imposed limitations. In the past, we often li

mited our writing to parts that

we could perform live. On


, we decided to follow whatever came naturally. As a result, there are some

songs with no guitar, and some without keyboard. There are songs with l

ayers and production that we

could never recreate live, and that is exciting to us. Basically, we let

our creative moods, instead of

instrumentation, dictate the album

s feel.

In the past, the economics of recording have dictated that we write for

a year, go to the studio, and

record the entire record as quickly as possible. We have always hated this because

by the time the

recording happens, a certain excitement about older songs has often been lost

. This time, we built a

"home" studio, and began all of the songs there. Whenever we had a group

of 3-4 songs that we were

excited about, we would go to a




recording studio and finish recording them there. This way,

the amount of time between the original idea and the finished song was p

retty short (of the album

s 11

songs, 8 were finished at Carriage House in Stamford, CT and 2 at Palmetto

Studio in Los Angeles).



t have a producer in the traditional sense. We much preferred this, as it felt

like the ideas drove

the creativity, not any one person

s process. James Barone, who became our live drummer in 2016,

played on the entire record. His tastes and the trust we have in him really

helped us keep rhythm at the

center of a lot of these songs. We also worked with Sonic Boom (Peter Kember).

Peter became a great

force on this record, in the shedding of conventions and in helping

to keep the songs alive, fresh and

protected from the destructive forces of recording studio over-productio


The societal insanity of 2016-17 was also deeply influential, as it mu

st be for most artists these days.

Looking back, there is quite a bit of chaos happening in these songs,

and a pervasive dark field that


had little control over. The discussions surrounding women

s issues were a constant source of

inspiration and questioning. The energy, lyrics and moods of much o

f this record grew from ruminations

on the roles, pressures and conditions that our society places on women, p

ast and present. The twisted

double edge of glamour, with its perils and perfect moments, was an endless source







Drunk in LA,






Girl of the Year,



Last Ride



In a more general sense, we are interested by the human mind's (and nature

s) tendency to create

forces equal and opposite to those present. Thematically, this record oft

en deals with the beauty that

arises in dealing with darkness; the empathy and love that grows from collect

ive trauma; the place one

reaches when they accept rather than deny (see


Dark Spring,



Pay No Mind,



Lemon Glow,






Black Car,



Lose Your Smile



The title,


, itself is simply a number that represents our seventh record. We hoped its si

mplicity would

encourage people to look inside. No title using words that we could

find felt like an appropriate

summation of the album.

The number 7 does represent some interesting connections in numerolog

y. 1 and 7 have always shared

a common look, so


feels like the perfect step in the sequence to act as a restart or





early religions also had a fascination with 7 as being the highest level

of spirituality, as in "Seventh



At our best creative moments, we felt we were channeling some kind of heav

y truth, and we

sincerely hope the listeners will feel that.

Much Love,

Beach House
Sound Of Ceres
Sound Of Ceres
There is no one true self. With every choice you make, your story changes. Between the potential and the actual, there exist an infinite number of variations on who you have been.

The mysterious tale of The Twin, the second full-length from Sound of Ceres, exists in myriad permutations, too: a new album, a mesmerizing live show, videos, an Alastair Reynolds short story… and others in-between. Sound of Ceres' creative cohort of authors, composers, and illusionists traveled from a snowy Alpine retreat to the outer limits of deep space to bring you The Twin.

While their 2016 debut Nostalgia for Infinity responded to the hugeness of time and space, now Sound of Ceres explore the strangeness of being just one human outcome amidst an infinitude of possibilities.

The adventure begins with one of the great works of 20th century German literature, The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. As Ryan Hover read the tale of Hans Castorp (named for one of the twins of Gemini), whose life as a shipbuilder gets sidetracked by a visit to a rest home in the Swiss Alps, new chords, melodies, and lyrical ideas seized his imagination. Elements from the novel – the snow and isolation of the mountains, echoes of Grimm's Fairy Tales, a fixation with the number seven – took on a new form as the fantastic universe of The Twin took shape.

Karen Hover and Ryan gave voice to early versions of the songs, exploring the sound of words even as they teased out lyrical ideas. Rough sketches were dispatched to band mates Derrick Bozich, Jacob Graham, and Ben Phelan, and then Ryan fashioned their instrumental contributions into new arrangements.

But just as Hans in The Magic Mountain undergoes a great transformation as from the flatlands through the narrow gauge to the Alps, The Twin underwent great changes as it began to travel – in this case, to Iceland.

Ryan, Karen, and Jacob arrived at the Reykjavik studio of producer Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Julianna Barwick) with the original mixes of what seemed like more-or-less finished songs. And then they went through a different door. Guitars and harpsichords gave way to more analog synthesizers and melodic percussion. As the music's dynamic range grew wider, timbres chilled, and more layers of vocals were woven into the background, a new twin of The Twin emerged.

The Twin opens with the hypnotic "Gemini Scenic," analog keyboards and pulsating drums lifting up Karen's hazy, layered vocals; the intensity ebbs and flows, propelling the listener deeper into the album's mysterious sonic universe. "Mercury's Moods" clicks and hisses like some steam-powered alien machine, while "The Twin" underpins harp glissandi and Ryan's voice with crisp, dry snare hits. Hints of '60s exotica, '70s AM radio, and even symphonic grandeur weave through layers of rippling synths and shifting rhythms. Ideas drawn from the past and future fold together, creating a sound that exists outside any particular time or trend.

In concert, The Twin evolves and changes nightly; no two versions of this immersive audio-visual experience are alike. Lasers and fiber optics pierce the darkness and smoke, creating a web of ever-changing constellations. Stars, circles, and double-helixes dance around the band, bouncing off reflective costumes and outstretched hands. Responding fluidly to each unique environment where they perform, Sound of Ceres transport the audience into the heart of the great cosmos via a mystifying
display of lights and effects, coupled with hypnotizing sound.

Just as the various members of Sound of Ceres combine ideas and energies to fashion their magical world, everything they create together – words and music, video, live performance art – interlocks to tell the whole story. And when all the elements align, The Twin unlocks a universe of endless possibilities and infinite outcomes. You'll never experience it the same way twice.
Venue Information:
Observatory North Park
2981 University Ave
San Diego, CA, 92104