G.B.H. – Tickets – Observatory North Park – San Diego, CA – May 24th, 2018


Casbah and Soda Bar present


Fireburn, The Widows, Authentic Sellout

Thu, May 24, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Observatory North Park

San Diego, CA


This event is all ages

25 years. A lot of marriages don't last that long. Almost no bands do. You can name them easily, they are so few: The Rolling Stones, Motorhead, Iron Maiden…and GBH. These bands share something in common: their music isn't what they do; it's who they are. Vocalist Colin Abrahall puts it like this: "This isn't a phase we're going through. It's not a fashion thing - here today gone tomorrow - this is for life."

A look at GBH's discography shows years between releases. This is not because they're slowing down, it's because they're constantly touring. In 2005 they played throughout Europe, the USA, Brazil and Japan. It's like that every year. "We have connected with some people and they have grown up with us. It's like being part of a global family" Abrahall explains.

"I love playing the smaller towns," says guitarist Jock Blythe, "the kids go nuts and the energy is amazing. That's what I love about America: every town has a pocket of people who get it…who really rock…and we leave that town with a new bunch of friends."

Family. Friends. Odd words for the originators of hardcore, for pioneers who fused punk and metal and made a sound cited as an influence by almost every band since that carried a guitar and an attitude. But they've always been central concepts to GBH. "Maybe we've been together so long because we were friends before we were in a band together," said Abrahall. "We all know our specific role within the band and we love each other."

25 years and going for 26.
Authentic Sellout
Authentic Sellout
Authentic $ellout was formed in late November 2006 by Sulo King and Andy Danger. The original lineup included Marky Unknown on drums and Jeff Spicoli on guitar. The band was meant to be a novelty Punk band that was put together just for one show. The response from the show was very positive, so the guys decided to keep the band going as a side project and play shows every once in a while. The shows got better and better and in December 2007, seeing that the band was going to go full time, Jeff Spicoli left to focus on his own band, Dante's Boneyard. In January 2008, Dingo joined the band as a full time guitar player, and Authentic $ellout finally became a full time band. At the end of 2008 Dingo left the band and Timmy Two Times took over as the band's guitar player until his departure from the band in mid 2009 and was replaced by Jeremy "the Germ".

Authentic $ellout is a high energy Punk Rock band that blends old school 70's UK based Punk Rock with 80's West Coast and a blend of old and modern Rock to form what they call "Mock Rock". Their mission is to make fun of what the music industry and Rock n Roll has become. More music less production. That is the Authentic Sellout way.

Their music is something every kid and even adults can relate to, with strong messages about the realities of everyday life like songs like "Working Class Stiff". This song highlights the stress of a typical 9-5 job and is an anthem for the working man. "No End" is a song protesting against war, greed, the system, and the corruption of corporations and our nation's government. "Pretty Pretty Girl" is a funny but realistic view of the male ego when it comes to dating women. Their live show is full of raw emotion and high energy. If you haven't had a chance to see them, then definitely check out one of their shows. Authentic $ellout is going to prove to you that punk is definitely not dead. You're either sold out or a sellout.
Venue Information:
Observatory North Park
2981 University Ave
San Diego, CA, 92104