The Menzingers – Tickets – The Irenic – San Diego, CA – March 12th, 2017

The Menzingers

Casbah presents

The Menzingers

Jeff Rosenstock, Rozwell Kid

Sun, March 12, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

The Irenic

San Diego, CA


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The Menzingers
The Menzingers
For their fifth full-length
After the Party
, The Menzingers set out to make the
quintessential jukebox record: an unstoppably melodic album prime
d for bar-
room sing-alongs. Delivering anthemic harmonies, furious power cho
rds, and
larger-than-life melodies, the Philadelphia-based garage-pu
nk four-piece amply
fulfills that mission while achieving something much more deeply nuan
ced. With
its delicately crafted storytelling and everyman romanticism,
After the Party
ultimately proves to be a wistful but life-affirming reflection on g
etting older but
not quite growing up.

We spent our 20s living in a rowdy kind of way, and now we

re at a point where
it seems like everyone in our lives is moving in different directions,

says Tom
May, who joined fellow singer/guitarist Greg Barnett, bassist Eric Ke
en, and
drummer Joe Godino in forming The Menzingers as teenagers in the
ir hometown
of Scranton. Adds Barnett:


re turning 30 now, and there

s this idea that that

when real life comes on. In a way this album is us saying,

We don

t have to grow
up or get boring

we can keep on having a good time doing what we love.
The Menzingers explore the tension between recklessness and responsi
bility all
After the Party
, with the chorus to its opening track


s (Tellin


brashly asking

Where are we gonna go now that our twenties are over?

lead single

as in,

You were such a looker in the old days
the band
pays loving tribute to their time spent in Asbury Park, weaving in memorie
s of
smoke-filled diners and Jersey-girl heartbreakers. Equally soaked in no
the bittersweet yet blistering

Midwestern States

offers what Barnett calls

ode to being in our early 20s and touring across the country for the first
time, and
just how eye-opening that all was for us.


Bad Catholics,

meanwhile, The
Menzingers match their heavy riffs and high-powered rhythms with a gorg
detailed narrative of running into a lost love at a hometown church picn
Produced by Will Yip (Title Fight, Balance & Composure, Pianos Becom
e the
Teeth) and recorded in Yip

s Conshohocken, Pennsylvania-based Studio 4,
the Party
finds the band breaking into new sonic terrain, such as in the stripped
down reverie of

Black Mass

and the drinking-song-inspired waltz of


the same time, The Menzingers bring that sharpened songcraft to the lyr
element of each track, with songs like

Thick as Thieves

candidly recounting
their shared misadventures (

Building castles with cans and bottles/Drinking like
they do in novels

). And on

After the Party,

the band spins poetry out of
moments as mundane as listening to Minor Threat on a laptop, turni
ng the track
into a dreamy meditation on the innocence inherent in unabashe
d love of music

Everybody wants to get famous/But you just want to dance in a basement

With each song unfolding as its own fully realized story,
After the Party
came to
life thanks largely to an introspective yet outward-looking lyrical se
nsibility on the
part of Barnett and May.

I take notes on pretty much everything I see and

things that my friends say or my family members say, things that I
see or read,

says Barnett.

And then when I go to write, I go back to those notes
and try to think about what they meant, and then build something from th

Working in a similar way, May points out that

a lot of my songs come from things
I took down in the notepad on my phone when I was out at night and then cam
back to months and months later.

The Menzingers

most refined album to date
After the Party
was also shaped from an intensive writing and pre-production
process that involved holing up for five weeks in Yip

s studio. Along with sculpting
more expansive arrangements, the band focused on experimenting wi
th new
effects and production techniques to forge the album

s dynamic but intricately
textured sound.
After the Party

s sophisticated yet emotionally raw songwriting also owes much to
The Menzingers

broadening their palette of influences in recent years. May, for
instance, mined inspiration from the off-kilter song structure of Regi
na Spektor.

Listening to her made me realize that you can go in with an idea and build t
song around that, without it really having to go anywhere in particul

he notes.
Barnett, on the other hand, found himself swayed by their bus driv

s constant
spinning of Meat Loaf

Bat Out of Hell
on a summer 2015 tour of Europe.

can say what you want about Meat Loaf, but his ability to craft catchy melodies
absolutely insane, where there

s ten of the strongest melodies ever written all just
in one song,

says Barnett.
In the making of
After the Party
, The Menzingers also returned to longtime
influences like The Clash, who were key to carving out their sound i
n the band

early days. Formed in 2006, The Menzingers made their debut with

Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology
and relocated to Philly in 2008.
Over the years, the band steadily built up a devoted fanbase and

in 2012

their highly acclaimed Epitaph debut
On The Impossible Past
voted Album of the
Year by Absolute Punk and Punk News. In 2014 they put out their fourth a
Rented World
, praised as

driving-around-with-the-windows-down music, ready
for maximum blasting

by Pop Matters and

one of the best pop punk albums

the year by Blurt.
For The Menzingers, the emotional depth attained on
After the Party
took years
of determination and perseverance.

When I was younger, I don

t think I had the
ability to experience how cathartic making music is to me now, even thou
gh I

always had so much passion for it,

says May. With May adding that


s really
reaffirming and amazing that we

ve been able to create an existence out of all

The Menzingers are quick to note that the album was also born from a
certain newfound sense of ease and freedom.

In the past our records have
tended to come from some kind of struggle, like from being broke or go
through hard times,

says Barnett.

This record really came from enjoying life and
enjoying the friendships we

ve formed with each other

we had so much fun
throughout the whole writing and recording process, and I think you can re
feel that in the songs.
Jeff Rosenstock
Jeff Rosenstock
Jeff Rosenstock is a musician from Brooklyn via Long Island (which I guess is like saying Long Island via Long Island) who has sang and written songs for Bomb the Music Industry!, Kudrow and The Arrogant Sons of Bitches.
Rozwell Kid
Rozwell Kid
Rozwell Kid is the rock'n'roll brainchild of Demon Beat drummer, Jordan Hudkins, who, with the help of his bandmates, creates music that honors the insouciant attitude of his LA post-grunge influences, without the sun-tanned decadence of some of his noise pop counterparts. Born and raised in West Virginia, Hudkins' landlocked upbringing is reflected perfectly on his soon-to-be-released, "Unmacho," which pairs music that bursts at the seams with restless energy and lyrics that grapple with the dark side of fun.

While playing drums and touring with The Demon Beat, Hudkins began writing his own songs, and in 2011, he recorded and self-released "Rozwell Kid LP". Drawing from a variety of musical influences, including 90's punk, Weezer, and the Broadway musicals he listened to as a kid, Hudkins' debut effort revels in its nostalgia, while showcasing Hudkins silly-in-all-seriousness writing style. In October of 2011, Hudkins hit the road with his newly assembled band, which includes Adam L. Meisterhans (also of Demon Beat) on lead guitar, Andrew LaCara on guitar and vox, Devin Donnelly on bass and vox, and Sean Hallock on drums.

In July of 2012, the band began phase two of the Rozwell Kid saga, recording "Unmacho" with David Klug in Pittsburgh. The new record has a familiar sound with a new story, told over the course of ten songs that don't let up for an instant. "Unmacho" is available February 19th, 2013
Venue Information:
The Irenic
3090 Polk Ave.
San Diego, CA, 92104