The Shelters – Tickets – The Casbah – San Diego – San Diego, CA – December 13th, 2016

The Shelters

Casbah and 91X Present

The Shelters

the verigolds, Mrs. Henry

Tue, December 13, 2016

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

The Casbah - San Diego

San Diego, CA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

The Shelters
The Shelters
For a moment there, Los Angeles based band The Shelters seemed like
21st century rock 'n roll’s best kept secret. But word got out. It started in
the clubs. And everyone who saw them thought maybe he or she had
gotten there first. By now, however, it’s clear that they’ll all have to share.
The Shelters have their self-titled debut LP coming June 10th on Warner
Bros. Records. Just like the EP they released last October as an album
preview, their full-length is a blast of Southern Californian rock and roll
from a four-piece like they used to make them, when the factory was still
up and running. Co-produced by Tom Petty, this album comes at you
from behind, nothing you were expecting.
The Shelters had just banded together when Petty heard them and got a
gut feeling about what they could be. He gave the Shelters the keys to
his home studio and showed them a few things. Though mostly he left
them alone, Petty had enough sense to leave the gear powered
up. Maybe they were determined to show him he hadn’t made a mistake.
Maybe they just liked the way those old tube amps sounded. They seized
the moment and got to work, insistent on becoming a band. A real band.
One listen to their single “Rebel Heart,” or any one of the other eleven
songs on their debut, and you’ll know they pulled it off. Led by the songs,
harmonies and twin-guitar sound of Chase Simpson and Josh Jove, and
powered by drummer Sebastian Harris’s groove obsession, the band has
put together a collection of recordings that have an immediacy, an
emotion, and a musical intelligence that suggests these boys are beyond
their years.
People are going to reference some of the great rock and roll bands of
yesterday and today. But this is no tribute show. The sounds they’ve
made seem to have been dragged from the vaults and forced to fit the
present. It’s all a beautiful reminder that rock and roll may have slipped
out of view for minute, but it’s still out there, alive in the hands of the
ones who need it the most.
The Shelters, now including Jacob Pillot on bass, have toured
recently with the likes of Gary Clark Jr, Mudcrutch, The Kooks, The Wild
Feathers, BRONCHO, Atlas Genius, The Struts and more, plus made major
festival appearances across the country. They will tour the nation at the
end of 2016, including a run of shows with Band Of Horses in October.
Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Henry
Burnin’ nitro soul all for the sake of rock n’ roll, Mrs. Henry is a live band. An electric baptism more likely to draw converts than appease convention. Every time the beat drops, the organ swells, the guitar squeals and the bass charges through the mystical into an intergalactic boogie, it’s only the reckless moment that you hear - in all of its murderous triumph. On a torrent of improvisation, Mrs. Henry penetrates the pandemonium. Endurance is their vocation and bringing live music into a new era is their occupation. Landing heavy on the one, leaning hard into the two, Mrs. Henry is a constant reminder that rock n’ roll - seething, bleeding, living rock n’ roll - is always relevant.

Since 2012, Mrs. Henry has shuffled, swung and boogied their way into cult status, earning an unrivaled reputation atop their already well-established individual credits. Based in Otay, California, and fronted by guitarist, Daniel Cervantes (Howlin’ Rain, Creature and the Woods), the quartet features keyboardist and crooner Jody Bagley (The Blue Moonies, Cathouse Thursday), drummer Chad Lee (Elijah Ford, The Silent Comedy) and bassist Blake Dean (Happy Ron Hill, Boss Run).

With their latest release Vol. II, Mrs. Henry completes the second half of their ambitious two-volume debut. A thunderous roar across the aesthetically driven rock landscape, Vol. II was recorded straight to tape without second-guessing or second chances. The 3-LP debut is a seminal battle cry and collective manifesto, combining in-studio and on-stage live recordings, proving once again that spontaneity will never die and that the art of abandonment will always belong to rock n’ roll.

Mrs. Henry’s Mothership is ready for lift off and all you got to do is climb aboard.
Venue Information:
The Casbah - San Diego
2501 Kettner Blvd.
San Diego, CA, 92101